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Ken and Jinner Rudolph

Dear Friends,

"I want to change the world for Christ." That is what I have preached many times in many sermons to young people (and older, too) over the years as I have tried by God's power to inspire each generation to reach the world for Christ. Well, the Lord called me on June 8, 2008 to step out beyond the shores of the United States by faith in a new direction. My mission to change the world for Christ is expanding to the whole world!

Welcome to my new website to explore God's new call upon my life. On About Our Ministry page it explains the details of the Lord's leading to new fields of service and if you're really interested and touched by the Holy Spirit, a link to ABWE to help support our new work to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

So, look around. We're glad you came to see us. But most important, look to the harvest field of souls for "The Lamb Who Takes Away the Sins of the World!!"

Yours in Christ,
Ken and Jinner Rudolph
II Corinthians 3:1-6