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A providencial choice set me on the path for a new direction in ministry…


…It is clear that everything in my past ministry and experience has been a foundation to lead me into this “new ministry”…

… wise counsel & new opportunities…




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The Lord launched my ministry to His Church in the fall of 1976 when I had the privilege to serve at Capitol Baptist Church in Upper Marlboro, Maryland as youth pastor for four years. God's grace then allowed me to experience serving a great church in McLean, Virginia as their pastor from 1980-86. It was at Charity Baptist Church that I learned to preach God's Word, love God's people and enjoy the thrill of ministry in His Church. I then sensed the leading of the Lord to Baptist Bible College in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania and for thirteen years recruited students to study for ministry in that great school of God. I would grow even more in ministry experience when God's plan took me to be the senior high speaker at Lake Ann Camp, Lake Ann, Michigan where I have served as Director of Advancement for ten years. And now, starting in September of 2009 a new chapter begins in the adventure of ministry as Jinner and I are stepping out by faith in a new direction!

It was Sunday, June 8, 2008 and I had passed on an opportunity to attend a NASCAR race on a "hotpass" (which means you can go anywhere at the racetrack during the race). Instead, I went to Faith Baptist Church in Benzonia, Michigan to hear one of my favorite preachers, Steven Ayers. What a providential choice God had led me in that day.

My wife Jinner and I had been blessed of God to minister in Europe over the past five years and had been touched by the need for the gospel of Jesus Christ for that continent. There had been a stirring in my heart about having a global impact in my ministry but felt that it was being fulfilled with our ministry at Lake Ann Camp challenging young people for world-wide evangelism.

That Sunday morning of June 8 was to change the way I felt God was going to use me in the future to change the world for Jesus Christ. The pastor was starting a new series on Joshua. He said that Joshua was in his late fifties and starting the greatest adventure of his life. Well, I was fifty-six and the Spirit of God started speaking to me. Then the preacher gave the sermon title, "Three Elements I Need to Have In My Life to Walk by Faith In a New Direction." I knew the Lord was speaking to me and by the end of the message I was certain of God's call to expand my ministry to Europe.

After communicating with many experienced missionaries in Europe they advised that the greatest impact I could have upon Europe at my age was to facilitate church planting, inspire the next generation to plant churches, educate American churches to the unique needs of Europe in church planting and to help raise resources to accomplish the great commission. I also found invitations to speak in Christian High Schools across Europe and am hopeful of raising up European young people to spread the gospel right where they live!

The Lord has led us to launch our ministry through the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism and to work with their missionary mobilization team. Most exciting is the fact that we will also be able to keep our ministry of speaking at Lake Ann Camp as we have for the last 10 years. Jinner and I are excited and feel that God has been with us every step of the way. He has given us confidence that we are in His will and that it is pleasing to Him for us to step out in faith in this new direction. Wow, what a ride!!