Faith Baptist Church
7046 South St
Benzonia, MI 49616
(231) 882-7190

Our Mission

  1. To reach young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ in America, Europe and the World via:
    1. The Church
    2. Christian Camps
    3. Christian School Conferences
  2. Recruiting Missionaries to reach Germany and the World through the ABWE Missionary Mobilization Team.
  3. To Facilitate and Resource Church Planting first in Germany and then to other European countries :
    1. Raising financial resources for the Training Center in Kusel, Germany.
    2. Raising financial resources for church buildings in Germany and Europe.
    3. Educating American churches to the challenges of planting churches in Germany.
    4. Organizing Round Table Meetings of German Pastors, American Pastors and Church.
    5. Planting Interns to address and solve the challenges of church planting in a post-modern culture.
  4. Coaching pastors in sermonic structure to empower the delivery of God's Word to the Church.